Shar Polling Organization

Shar Polling Organization 1. Shar Polling Organization (SPO) has obtained a permit to operate from the Department of Non-Governmental Organizations of Kurdistan Regional Government Council of Ministers numbered 1062 on the 2/10/2013. 2. Shar is a non-governmental scientific, independent, civil institution that performs its functions in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq to explore political, economic […]

The Rules of Procedure

The Rules of Procedure Chapter one Chapter one: name of the organization Firstly: Shar Polling organization Second: the role of the organization: to promote surveys, active participation, to make the right decisions. Third: Address Iraq – Kurdistan – Sulaimaniya, Salm Str. Fourth, the background of the organization The Shar poll organization wants to offset this […]

A Decade of U.S. and Iranian Policy Towards Iraq Will Shape 2020

Dlawer Ala’Aldeen Dlawer Ala’Aldeen is the Founding President of the Middle East Research Institute, a policy research institute and think tank based in Erbil, Kurdistan Region (KR) of Iraq ( January 16, 2020 The former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Harold Wilson, once opined: “A week is a long time in politics.” For politics […]

Karte von Kurdistan ، Map of Kurdistan ، نه‌خشه‌ی كوردستان ، خریطة كوردستان

Karte von Kurdistan ، Map of Kurdistan ، نه‌خشه‌ی كوردستان ، خریطة كوردستان        

Iraqi Kurdistan Chooses a New President, But Internal Rifts Deepen

he latest step toward ending the KRG’s political gridlock obscures more-worrisome Kurdish divisions, many of which threaten wider U.S.-Iraqi security and economic interests. On May 28, the Iraqi Kurdish parliament narrowly elected Nechirvan Barzani as the new president of the Kurdistan Regional Government, giving the longtime KRG fixture only 68 out of 111 votes. The […]

Meet Iraq’s human rights advocate who lived through two genocides Read more

Childhood memories are indelible in Dr. Widad Akreyi’s mind. They still mark her life and her battles around the world. The iconic Kurdish defender of human rights was born in Akre, not too far from Erbil in Iraq’s southern Kurdistan. She was just 10 years old when Saddam Hussein’s Baath Regime took power in Iraq in 1979. Akreyi had already survived the Iraqi […]

If Iran Deploys Missiles in Iraq: U.S.-Israeli Options

IF IRAN DEPLOYS MISSILES IN IRAQ: U.S.-ISRAELI RESPONSE OPTIONS by Michael Knights and Assaf Orion PolicyWatch 3119 May 13, 2019 If Iran duplicates its formula from Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen by sending long-range missiles to Iraq, then future conflicts with Israel would likely include military action on Iraqi soil. READ THIS ITEM ON OUR WEBSITE Iran’s long-range rockets […]

The Development of Kurdish in Mandate Iraq

بۆ بینینی ئه‌م بابه‌ته‌ تكایه‌ كلیك له‌م لینكه‌ی خواره‌وه‌ بكه‌ Please to know this topic click this site under Vernacularization as Governmentalization: The Development of Kurdish in Mandate Iraq www.academia.ed

Who are the elite groups in Iraq and how do they exercise power?

The third episode 3.Iraq’s elites Central government elites May 2018 elections Parliamentary elections in May 2018 saw a surprise result as the Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr’s “Sairoon” coalition won the most seats, but not enough to be an outright winner. The top-three vote-winning coalitions are now undergoing negotiations to form the next government (Mansour, 2018b). […]

Who are the elite groups in Iraq and how do they exercise power?

The second episode 2.Nature of political power and how it is exercised  Since the US-led invasion in 2003, and the introduction of an ethno-sectarian majoritarian power-sharing system, sectarian groups and claims have been the predominant structural force in shaping Iraq’s political structure, the hierarchy of elites, and how they exercise power. While 4 ethno-sectarian identities2 […]

Who are the elite groups in Iraq and how do they exercise power?

The first episode 1. Summary The 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq transformed Iraq’s political settlement by ejecting the previous elites from power and by initiating state-building processes with previously marginalised elites and different governance principles. Iraq’s current day elites and institutions are the inheritors of that process. This review summarises the post-2003 processes that structure […]


  Syed Mohammed Ahsan The Kurds are called as people without nation with the estimate population of 30 million, the third largest ethnic group in the Middle East fighting for their separate independent country. They are predominantly Sunni Muslims, speak different language, and belong to different political parties and follows distinct ideologies despite of shared […]